An interview with a service user: Ann’s recovery story

Name:                         Ann Taylor

Age:                            47

Marital Status:           Separated

Children:                     Two grown up children; Sam is 20 and lives with his father, and Georgia is 25 and lives with her partner and child.

Housing Status:          Private tenant, lives alone

Occupation:                Unemployed, has previously worked as a hairdresser



I’d always been someone who enjoys a drink, and my husband and I met in the pub in our local area.  When my children were young I didn’t drink much at all because I had to be responsible for them.  Once they got a bit older (at secondary school), I started drinking more again.  It started out with just a glass of wine on an evening, but soon I was drinking one or two bottles of wine a night.  My husband and I were arguing a lot around this time, and the alcohol was a bit of an escape for me.  We ended up arguing lots about the alcohol too, as he hated me drinking and getting into a state.  It started to affect other things in my life and I ended up losing my job through alcohol because I kept phoning in sick, especially on weekends and on Mondays because I’d usually drink more on those days.  My husband and I eventually split up five years ago and I moved into a rented place by myself. My son was 15 at the time and he said he’d rather stay with his dad than come live with me.


Experience of alcohol treatment:

The main thing that made me get help for my alcohol was when my first grandchild was born last year.  My daughter said I wouldn’t be allowed to look after Ruby by myself unless I stopped drinking and proved that it was for good this time.  I’d tried by myself before but I knew this time I needed help.  I went to my GP, who referred me to the alcohol team.  I went for my detox in an inpatient unit earlier this year, it was really hard and I was in there for two weeks.  They started me on Campral while I was there and I’ve been taking it ever since.  I’m not sure if it helps, I haven’t really had any cravings so I think it must be making a difference.  I sometimes struggle to take all six tablets every day, and sometimes I miss the lunchtime tablets because I forget to take them out with me.


Plans for the future:

I’m going to SMART Recovery groups and AA meetings to help me keep on track.  My relationship with my kids is already better than it was, they say they prefer me like this.  For the future I want to stay abstinent and be able to be around my granddaughter to help my daughter out.




Details is this article have been based on a fictional service user to keep the identity of individuals confidential  



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