Making the ADAM Trial 2 minute video

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on a video about the ADAM study to enter into the NIHR New Media Competition.  We’ve been busy drawing storyboards, making props and filming the video in time for the deadline of 31st March.

NIHR have asked researchers to create videos which promote awareness of their research and also highlight the use of Patient and Public Involvement in developing studies.  We jumped at the chance to be creative and most importantly to show how much we have involved service users in the ADAM trial.  Service users have helped us decide on the intervention content such as the type and style of support provided.

We started with a storyboard, planning each “shot” of the video and the story we wanted to tell:

Storyboard image

We drew our plan out on a large whiteboard and then worked together to create a clear story.  It was a real challenge to communicate all our points in the 2-minute timeframe but we got there in the end.

After exploring different ways of doing the video such as using software available online; we decided to do the majority of the video using a whiteboard, enlisting the researchers to tell the ADAM story through a single shot only using various props.

The ADAM researchers (sadly minus Kate who was missed!) spent two days at the beginning of March completing the production of the video.

ADAM letter image             Personal Achievement Award image

We spent Day 1 finalising the storyboard (chopping out parts that made it last longer than 2 minutes), and the script.  The second day was spent using our arts and crafts skills to create the props and images we needed for the video:

props image

We devised the script as a team, after much rehearsal we were ready to start audio recording on day 2.

Finally, the team completed filming, using only a few props and a whiteboard to create the images and “shots” we needed.We are excited to share the finished product with you all.

Check out the ADAM trial video here and let us know your thoughts!